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StemReplicate  Technology

In the fields of adult stem cell research and stem cell-based medical treatment, industry participants have yet to resolve certain critical-path commercialization issues in the harvesting, expansion/proliferation, and preservation processes.
Industry Challenges:
• Insufficient Volume. Generating clinically significant volumes of stem cells through expansion. 
• Unwanted Differentiation. Rapid, unwanted stem cell differentiation and; 
• Damage. Fragile stem cells are subject to substantial damage throughout thecourse of stem cell harvesting,
These challenges, alone or in combination, have implications for the advanced biological research, autologous stem cell therapy (ex-U.S.), and stem cell banking markets. Failure to address these issues will generally impair the quality or efficiency of stem cell-based scientific investigations and therapeutic treatment regimens.
With the application of our Scionic technology to adult stem cell engineering, GRoK will have patent-protected capabilities to offer:
• Stem cell expansion. Expansion of adult stem cells by commercially and clinically significant orders of magnitude, substantially free of unwanted differentiation;
• Long term cryopreservation: Rapid, unwanted stem cell differentiation and; 
• Cryopreservation of adult stem cells in their pluripotent or multipotent undifferentiated state for up to twelve years, with minimal cell damage occurring in the extraction, cryopreservation, and cryorecovery phases, as the company  has recently demonstrated.

BioReplicate  3D human tissue models for biologic and drug research and safety, efficacy, and toxicity testing.

Distinctively complex and scalable, BioReplicate 3D human tissue models perform and respond more like native tissue or organs than many other models in the marketplace. We believe BioReplicate human tissue models - deployed as an adjunct or alternative to animal models - will provide accurate and cost-effective results for safety, efficacy, and toxicity testing of virtually any agent intended for human, environmental, or industrial use.
Our offerings include 21 functional human tissue types and nine tumor types, all customized to client specifications:


Our planned offerings include 21 functional human tissue types and nine tumor types, all customized to client specifications:



cryopreservation, and cryorecovery.

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